McKinney Painting Client Testimonial

McKinney Painting Customer Testimonial

Are you eager to hear about this clients remarkable journey with Performance Painting? Let’s dive into the story that began with their roof with Performance Roofing and evolved into a full-fledged home transformation project. Here is their testimonial.

A Leaky Situation

It all started with the persistent issue of a flat roof that had been leaking for what seemed like an eternity. Desperate for a solution, we decided to turn to Performance Roofing. What caught our attention was their unwavering commitment to ensuring the job was not just done but done right. They sealed every nook and cranny of our house, and they wouldn’t leave until the interior was in pristine condition.

Enter Rachel and Troy

During our journey with Performance Roofing, we were introduced to Rachael with who played a pivotal role in our home improvement venture. She saw the bigger picture and understood that our project extended beyond just roofing. It was about transforming our entire home, inside and out.

That’s when Troy from Performance Painting came into the picture. Our relationship with Performance Painting was nothing short of exceptional. Given the scale and duration of our project, trust was a critical factor. However, it wasn’t just trust that made this partnership thrive; it was the expertise, commitment, and attention to detail that Performance Painting brought to the table.

Painting with Precision

Troy’s involvement was more than just wielding a paintbrush. We shared our ideas and color preferences, and Troy offered invaluable recommendations. A prime example of this was our front door, which was previously a mundane brown. Troy suggested painting it black – a daring choice, but he assured us it would look fantastic against the exterior of our White House. And he was right! The black door added a touch of elegance we hadn’t anticipated.

Beyond Painting

But the enhancements didn’t stop at painting. Performance Painting also recommended upgrading to new LED lights and various other improvements. The result? Our home became not only a beautifully painted space but also more energy-efficient.

In the end, we realized that we had received much more than just a painter’s touch. Our home had undergone a remarkable transformation, both aesthetically and functionally.


Our journey with Performance Painting was a testament to the power of trust, expertise, and exceptional results. What began as a roof repair project evolved into a comprehensive home improvement venture that left us delighted and satisfied.

If you’re considering a home transformation project, take a page from our experience and consider Performance Painting. They don’t just paint walls; they breathe new life into homes.

Stay tuned for more home improvement stories, and don’t forget to explore their services for yourself. Your dream home transformation could be just around the corner.