McKinney Bathroom Remodel Project

McKinney Bathroom Remodel Collage Before
Bathroom Remodel After

Transforming Your McKinney Bathroom: A Comprehensive Remodel Project

Are you dreaming of a bathroom makeover? Whether you want to refresh the look, improve functionality, or enhance your home’s value, a bathroom remodel can work wonders. To help you get started on your renovation journey, we’ve outlined the key elements from our recent bathroom remodel project. While this was in McKinney, we service the entire Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. 

Item 1: Bathroom Demo

The first phase of any bathroom remodel is the demolition, and it involves several critical steps:

  • Demo Shower and Tub Surround: Out with the old! This includes removing the existing shower and bathtub, as well as any surrounding materials. Demolition clears the way for a clean slate.
  • Remove Base Molding: Say goodbye to the base molding or baseboards. Removing them is essential to access walls and floors for renovation purposes. New base molding will be installed later for a polished look.
  • Remove Carpet in Toilet Area and Bathroom: Many older bathrooms feature carpeting, which isn’t ideal in a moisture-prone environment. Removing the carpet is essential to prepare the floor for a more suitable material.
  • Remove Countertops and Backsplash: Outdated countertops and backsplash need to go, making room for fresh, modern alternatives.
  • Demo Shower Pony Wall: If your bathroom includes a pony wall in the shower area, this will also be demolished to make way for new design elements.

Item 2: Plumbing

The plumbing aspect of your remodel includes several essential tasks:

  • Install Shower Valve: Installing a new shower valve ensures efficient water control in your shower.
  • Install Shower Drain Kit: Proper drainage is crucial. A new drain kit will be installed for your shower.
  • Move Bathtub Plumbing: If you’re installing a freestanding tub with a floor-mounted faucet, the plumbing will need to be reconfigured accordingly.
  • Install Tub Drain Kit: A new tub requires a matching drain kit for effective water removal.
  • Install Elliston Toilet: Your remodel may include replacing the toilet with an Elliston model for a fresh, modern look.
Item 3: Shower/Tub Area

Creating a stunning shower and tub area involves several steps:

  • Install Oatey Shower Liner: A waterproof shower liner is essential to protect the underlying structure.
  • Install Hardie Backer to Shower Walls: Sturdy Hardie backer boards will be installed on shower walls, taped, and sealed to provide a durable surface for tile installation.
  • Float Shower Floor: The shower floor will be carefully sloped to ensure proper drainage.
  • Install Tile: High-quality tile will be installed on shower walls and the wall behind the tub, creating a stunning, cohesive look.
  • Install Shampoo and Soap Holder: Convenient inset holders will be installed for your shower essentials.
  • Install Frameless Shower Glass: A frameless glass enclosure with shower guard provides a sleek and modern finish. Grouting and Schluter installation are included.
Item 4: Tile Flooring

Elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic with beautiful tile flooring:

  • Install 24×24 Tile: Large-format 24×24 tiles will be installed on the bathroom and toilet floors.
  • Install Base Molding: Base molding will be added to complete the polished look, with grouting included.

Item 5: Countertops

The countertop installation involves the following:

  • Install White Quartz: White quartz countertops will be installed, providing a clean and elegant surface.
  • Install Window Sill: A white quartz window sill behind the tub adds both functionality and style.
  • Install Undermount Sinks: Two square white undermount sinks are included in the remodel.
  • Install Sink Faucets: Modern sink faucets will be added for a seamless finish.

Item 6: Bathtub

If you’ve opted for a freestanding acrylic tub, this will be carefully installed, along with a floor-mounted bathtub faucet.

Item 7: Electrical

The final touches include electrical work:

  • Install Vanity Lights: Two vanity lights will be installed to provide excellent illumination.
  • Ceiling Light: A ceiling light will be added to complete the lighting design, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

As you embark on your bathroom remodeling or painting journey, these detailed line items of our recent McKinney project and descriptions provide a clear roadmap for the transformation ahead. Click here to learn more about our team, click here to watch and read our reviews, and click here to learn about all of our service areas.